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You, Me and Dupree
Released 2006. Starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson & Matt Dillon

I wasn't overly excited about this film before we saw it. I could tell that from the trailer I would really hate the main character of the film, Dupree (played by Owen Wilson).

Anyway, it wasn't very far into the film at all, that this was confirmed and I hated the main charater.

Owen Wilson plays the annoying tosser perfectly, Matt Dillon plays the married best friend well and Kate Hudson (how pretty is she!) plays the wife not so well I thought.

The film does however have it's moments, but I found them quite rare. The jokes that were on display would be more for the taste of 18 year olds that find body sounds amusing!

The film is extremely predictable. Best friend moves in with newly married couple, wife gets pissed off because the best friend watches porn and burns the house down while shagging the slag school teacher etc etc.

Best friend is kicked out but when the married couple see him sitting in the pouring rain they take him back in.

Best friend becomes a really nice guy and makes an effort not to be a tosser.

Meanwhile, the married guy (Matt Dillon) is having stress at work as he works for his wife's millionnaire father. He thinks that Dupree is trying to get it on with his wide, argues with his father-in-law and is an all around general wolly!

Everything this film has in it you can predict as soon as the situation begins. You know that he is going to have a go at his father-in-law and he will then be fine with it, you know that Dupree will get the married couple back together.

All in all, I found this film very unfunny and boring. I spent most of the film wishing that Dupree was dying a very slow and painful death!

Give it a dismal 3/10
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