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The Mistress Of Spices
Released 2006. Starring Aishwarya Rai & Dylan McDermott.

Well one night we decided to get a DVD out. Instead of getting something that we all knew, Mel and Andrew decided that we would take a risk getting something that might make us laugh (for all the wrong reasons may I add!).

Anyway, they pursuaded me to get The Mistress Of Spices.

This movie classed itself as a romantic comedy, and the person who classed it as that must have had exactly the same taste in humour as myself. There were no jokes whatsoever in this film and the only way I found it funny was because it told a story of a lady who was convinced that spices, yes spices, could control everything.

It starts off with a young Pakistani or Indian (they all look the same) who can see into the future and a group of bandits who kill her family and kidnap her. She manages to escape and ends up on some shore somewhere with an Indian Mother Teresa type woman who is about to teach her everything she knows about spices and babbles on about some silly rules:-

i) you can't use the spices for personal gain
ii) you can never leave the spices
iii) you can never touch another persons skin

Now, the next thing we know is that the girl is now grown up and living in USA near San Francisco and running a spice shop. 

Now the girl is clearly insane. She seems to think that she can do ANYTHING with the spices. Like protecting people from car accidents, like making people do as you say for an hour, like using a cinnamon stick enabling people to make friends, etc etc.

She then sees an Americn and falls in love with him much to the anger of the spices (like they can think for themselves, or the spice god who I believe to be Geri Halliwell got angry). Well the spices stop doing what they're supposed to.

Anyway, Mother Teresa visits her one night and tells her to return home to Pakistan or India. She decides to and also decides to spend a night with the yank!

She tells Geri Halliwell that she wants to spend one night with him and then she will dedicate herself to Ginger Spice for the rest of her life! Imagine that!

Anyway, she does the deed with the yank and then there is an earthquake in her shop and she emerges holding a chilli pepper. Somehow from this she decides that geri Halliwell is happy with her and she can continue selling Geri's spices in her shop only this time continuing the relationship with her new yank boy-friend.

I found the film quite entertaining, but only because of the idea of the spices having so much importance in someone life as that premise is completely alien to me.

If it could be related to other things, I could imagine someone pushes the boundries of their religion and modernising the way that their religion controls their life and meeting in the middle.

I suppose that the film isn't too bad, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

I would give this film 4/10.

PS - All throughout the film there are close ups of chillis, I think that this is to portray the chilli as the devil (or Scary Spice in this case) and portray it as a seductive weapon to make people sin. If that makes any sense!

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