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Little Man
Released 2006. Starring Marlon Wayans.

I expected this film to be shit before even I even saw it, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest after seeing it.

The story in short is a midget (that isn't even a midget) steals a big diamond and plants it on a woman (we will call her idiot 1) and masquerades as a baby to get the diamond back.

The acting is shit, the jokes are crap and it seems to set racism back a few steps along the way aswell with all the blacks jibes being made by white people and setting black people as the lower human species. There is one scene long scene in the film where black people aren't recognised by height or build, but the shade of thier scene and referring it to that of coffee types, Mocha, creamy white etc.

Now, the film is just pure crap! How 2 adults, idiot 1 and idiot 2, can't seem to fatham that the baby they just found on thier doorstep isn't a baby is beyond me!

It has stubble, it has an adult sized penis, it has a tattoo, it has defined muscle! THE STUPID BLOODY IDIOTS.

There are so many things in this film that made me angry!

I'm not even going to rate this film because it was so bad, all I will say is - DO NOT SEE THIS FILM!
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