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Little Miss Sunshine
Released 2006. Starring Steve Carrell, Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Alan Arkin & Paul Dano.

Went to see this film on a bit of a whim really. Had read reviews and thought that it might be an interesting film to watch. I was not wrong.

The film is based around a family (father, mother, grandad, brother, son and daughter) all of which are completely different kinds of people. Turns out that the really ugly but sweet daughter Olive, has managed to get a place in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California. Now the family have actually used all their money for the father's 9 steps to success programme and they are a bit skint so they decide drive 800 miles in a VW van!

On the way the grandad dies because he is addicted to cocaine, the son realises he can't be a pilot because he is colour blind and the guy that the brother loves is seeing some student who is number 1 in the country.

Olive (the daughter) manages to get to her pageant on time and shocks the whole room when her talent is a sleazy striptease set to Superfreak, which may I add, the whole family get up on the stage and start dancing! She doesn't win!

The best thing I found about this film was it's realness. In a typical film where the whole family join the daughter dancing, the whole room would have got involved and the girl would have won the contest. Well in this one, they manage to keep to our dimension a little bit. The organisers go mental and the girl is banned from any future pageants!

To me there were times when possible situations were given, for example shots of the son with the gay uncle which to me made me think that the son was gay, but nothing comes of it. So you are given many surprises.

All in all, I thought that this film was very good and I would recommend it. Other people I went with hated the film so it does depend on you really.

The acting is fantastic aswell.

I give this film 9/10.

PS - listen out for the horn!
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