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Right At Your Door

Right At Your Door

Well, all I'll say is have your Anti-Depressants ready if your going to watch this film.
I think this is possibly the most depressing film I've seen!

I originally thought that it was a horror movie before I understood what it was about.  It's basically the story of a husband and wife who become seperated after a load of "Dirty-Bombs" explode over the city, spreading toxic fumes and meaning certain death for anyone trapped outside.

This film was watchable, it was bearable, and to be honest at a lot of points it was a really good fiml.  However....just the level of depression of this film was awful!!!  I would probably recommend people to go and watch this film, but only if your not easily depressed and have nothing better to do.


I must commend this film for the very big twist at the end.  

Initially, the husband is in the house when the bombs go off.  When he is unable to get hold of his wife he goes to look for her.  It's then announced that the fumes and ash are highly toxic and likely to kill anyone outside.  He even drives passed someone in a really nice Mercedes.  Basically they are told to stay in the car, but get out and the police end up shooting him.  So, the husband realises the extent of this.  

Anyway, he goes back home and is joined by the handyman next door.  They wait as long as they can, and then are forced to seal the house from the fumes outside.  Then a few hours later his wife comes running up the path puking everywhere, and doesn't understand why he won't let her in.

After a while of her being outside, and evading the cops, she makes some effort to get in and ends up smashing a window with her mobile phone.  They immediately reseal it, and she makes no further attempt to break in.  

Eventually the army/cops find her and drag her away.  Then.....here comes the twist.....
When the silly old bint broke the window with her mobile, some of the toxic ash obviously went in the house.  They then resealed the house.  This caused the toxin to mutate, causing an uncurable strain of whatever this stuff was.  The army guy then says calmy to the husband that he is pretty much dead, and not to struggle.  They then stick a pipe through the hole and start to fill it with gas.  They then proceed to seal up all of the doors and windows, so that basically he is trapped in the house and dies.  Normally you would expect something else to happen, a conclusion to the story.  Nope.....after this, the wife is told that she MIGHT make it, her husband is lying there dead, and the credits start rolling.


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