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Talladega Nights:The Ballard of Ricky Bobby
Released 2006. Starring Will Farrell.

Not a big fan of Will Farrell so when I first saw this film I was reluctant to go and watch it. But with hassle from friends and Andrew we went to see it the day it came out.

Now, Will Farrell takes up a role typical of him, the same sort of role we have seen him in Old School, Anchorman and all the others! The role I'm taking about is a person that never seems to take themselves seriously and always some sort of eccentric. So, in this film that hasn't changed at all.

The acting in the film is average with nothing special ever being displayed for us to see. The plot is simple but the jokes are very good!

The jokes on offer here are all tacky mainly but they do make you laugh! And the actors/actresses pull them of great!

Now, the plot, Ricky Bobby is the best Nascar driver in America and has millions in the bank, but when some frog (played histerically by Sasha Cohen Bohen AKA Ali G) turns up on the scene and says that he will beat Ricky on the track. 

Anyway, in their first race Ricky Bobby ends up having a really big accident and has to move in with his mum taking his kids with him. In the meantime his trophy blonde wife is shacked up with his best friend.

In the time he lives with his mum, he realises a lot and with some help from his dad ends up back on the track beating the frog in the process.

So it seems everything is good for Ricky Bobby.

As already mentioned, the jokes in this film are fantastic!

I give this film 7/10.

PS - Look out for the news report on the frog. Very funny!
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