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DOA - Dead or Alive.
Released 2006. Starring Jaime Pressly, Sarah Carter, Devon Aoki & Holly Valance.

First saw parts of this film when Andrew downloaded a clip of Holly Valannce ( I hate that thing ) and was adament that I would not see that slag on the big screen.

Anyway, after hearing it was a movie adaptation from a computer I became a bit more interested in it and then saw that it had been released already without any advertisement!

Downloaded the trail and became very interested in the film so pursuaded Andrew and Mel to go and see and boy am I pleased that we did!

I did think that this film would be some sort of flesh-fest and that it would be skantily clad women. I wasn't far wrong!

The story line for the film is a little random and I did come away asking many questions about parts of the film, and how parts of it were very conveiniant. mainly the introduction. I havn't played the computer games so I am unsure as to whether the story line keeps with that or not.

Now as for the film, the plot is that highly skilled fighters from around the world are invited to a fighting tournament on some far away island. These include pro-wrestler Tina (my favourite), an assassin Christie (my least favourite because she was played by Holly Valance ) and Kasumi, a princess who is seeking her brother who was invited to the previous years DOA tournament.

Now once on the island they discover that the person running the tournament is downloading data on the fighters and sending it worldwide so that they can use technology to accurately predict a fight and change tactics accordingly.

Am sure that you can guess that during the tournament the 3 main characters, and another girl called Helena stop it and Princess Kasumi finds her brother!

The action is very good with some very impressive, but not all realistic fight scenes. My favourite fight has to be Princess Kasumi taking on the person, Leon, that supposedily killed her brother the previous year. This fight takes place in 2 different hotel rooms and sees Leon falling into a jacuzzi housing a rather nice looking naked black man!

I think if you want just mindless violence, then this isn't the film for you. It does what could be a confusing storyline which could initiate some thinking. But if you are a straight male, then you will probably house a hard-on all the way through.

For the females and gay members of the audience, there is some eye-candy in the form of Matthew Marsden and Brian J White:


Anyway, I give this film 7/10.

PS - Look out for where the cute black guy gets naked in the jacuzzi and you see his MW.

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