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The Queen
Released 2006. Starring Helen Mirren.

When I first saw this film advertised I thought that it looked shit and had no intention of seeing it. I then saw the trailer for it while watching another film and realised at that point what potential this film had.

Even the trailer showed me how well Helen Mirren had portrayed the queen.

I found the acting in this film very hard to concentrate on. I thought this because every single character, except for the queen, looked as if it belonged in a comedy sketch. It was as if all effort had gone into the queen. The rest of the characters all looked like they belonged in some sort of sketch show. Tony Blair, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles etc, all needed more effort.

Once past the poor character lookalikes, the acting is superb. Helen Mirren portraying the queen is absolutely fantastic and I can't praise this enough. All other characters are well done and mannerisms and "habits" of the people they are playing are all thought off.

I'm not going to bother with a cut for the plot as we all know that Diana dies and the outcome of the situation.

This film does give what I think is a very good insight to how it would have been at Balmoral and Buckingham Palace and I think shows the queen is a very good light, even though some of her actions are self-misguided.

I give this film 7/10, I would have given it 9 but the poor lookalike of the characters is hard to overcome.

PS - Listen out for when the queen breaks down in the river!
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