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The Black Dahlia
Released 2006. Starring Josh Hartnett & Scarlett Johannson.

Only really saw this film because the others wanted to see it. No, not the others from Lost. Juliet, Mel & Andrew.

I didn't know too much about this film and the situation that the film was created around, so it made the film a little more special I think.

The main characters, Josh, Scarlett and her ugly boy-friend. Josh and the ugly boy-friend are both detectives and partners.

Now, I'm not going to go into as much detail because in all honestly the film is bloody confusing and I will make matters worse, believe me!

Anyway, Josh and his partner are investigating some pedo when a young girl is found cut in half with her lady hole (fanny) cut out. Anyway, they get put on the case. The ugly boy-friend goes a bit psycho trying to solve it and Josh seems to take it in his stride!

In short, the film is full of distractions in my eyes. The ugly boy-friend seems more bothered about his Scarlett's ex, Josh is more bothered about the pedo. But somehow they do solve who done it. And it isn't Josh's detective skills either!

Now the story does come together at the end, but you REALLY need to think about it! You really need to think about how things all piece together.

The 4 of us come out of the cinema asking so many questions about it all!

A very short review I know, but the film is very confusing. I would not recommend seeing this film if you don't want to think about watching a film If you don't wanna think go and see the shit that is Little Man!

I give this film 5/10 because it is so hard to follow.

I thought that the acting was superb, and the atmosphere made by it was fantastic. They did something to the film that made it look old. Not the shitty lines or anything like that! Lol

PS - look out for KD Lang, Captain BUCKY O'Hare and Josh's very tasty bottom.

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