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Snakes On A Plane

The plot of this film is pretty simple. Good guy sees bad guy kill some guy. Good cop convinces good guy to testify. Bad guy finds out. Good guy and good cop get on plane to fly to court, bad guy arranges for a lot of poisionous snake to be released on said plane, therefore hoping if a snake doesn't get the good guy, they will get enough people for the plane to crash or something....

Once you get over the fact that the chances of a bad guy ever thinking this would be the most effective way of killing a witness and just try watching the film, I think you'll enjoy it.

I normally don't like scary films and fair enough this isn't a horror film but I still found it scary, I guess because to a degree it was quite realistic and I think I was imagining what I would do if I was on a plane that suddenly filled with bite happy snakes... and to be fair I think I would scream my head off... (As I did a couple of times while watching the film!)

I won't bother to put in a LJ Cut because, lets face it, this film doesn't need explaining, you can probably work out what happens.... some people die, some don't.

I will say that the graphics are top draw, thinking about it I never once said to myself 'That snake looks fake'...

I would and have actually told people to go and see it. I think it's a perfect easy to watch, thrilling film, with funny bits included... however dog lovers be aware....

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